Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you a product that I received while I was subscribed to Beauteque’s BB Bag Monthly Subscription. It’s a product that I probably would’ve overlooked if not tried and tested. Thankfully, I received it because it has become one of my favorite moisturizers.

DSC_0489 (1)

As someone who has combination skin, moisturizers aren’t really my thing. I tried to stay away from them because if chosen the wrong product, my face can be an oily mess before the clock can even hit noon. When I received this product, I was already in love with the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Essence. I never knew that snail can be so good for the skin! So I decided to give it a try and this product will be on my holy grail list!

First off, this Gel Cream is lightweight! I incorporate this both my morning and evening routines without it getting my skin oily. It’s so lightweight that my skin drinks this up and it leaves my skin smooth! Since the weather is changing, I’d love to keep this to keep my skin well hydrated. Unfortunately, the only other ‘moisturizers’ I can compare to is my Scinic Honey All in One Ampoule. I hid that ampoule in my stash because it’s too heavy for my skin while the weather is warming up.

I also like how easily this applies! As the name implies, it’s consistency is gel like, but it applies sooo smooth and easy! I usually just dispense some into my palm, rub my hands together and apply it that way. This even doubles sort of like a “hand cream,” obviously not a cream, but I like how it moisturizes my hands as well.

It is travel friendly! It’s compact design makes it perfect for road trips. I believe it comes on a 4 oz. size, but even though it’s on the smaller side, it takes a while to use up the tube. It may sound like an ad, but you really only need a little for your face. You will be able to tell if you’ve used a lot because it will take a little longer to absorb.

Another plus about this, it can be great as a base before make up application! Scent wise isn’t so bad either kind of in between floral and herbal-y. Cooling on the skin while absorbing. Honestly, I don’t really a down side of this product. Perhaps, it could come in a bigger size, but the price for the size is totally worth it!

Price: This product varies in pricing depending on the website. I can find this tube on eBay for as low as $4.88 with free shipping! Of course, this is coming from Korea and it will take about two weeks in shipping if you’re in the U.S.

Some other websites that sell this product is:


I am thoroughly enjoying this product. It’s lightweight enough for my combination skin and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, either! I consider putting this on my holy grail list because for its price and the performance.. It is great! In fact, I will be adding this to my cart once my ‘no buy’ is over! Haha. My tube is already halfway done and I totally love it! Perfect for the summer weather coming up so that my skin will be well hydrated and cool during the heat.

‘Till next time,

Rein R.


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