Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog and to my very first review! (Hoooorraaaaayyyyy!) Okay, so I guess we will just go straight to it… The very first product I have for you guys is the Magie Cochon Collagen Jelly Pack!

So this product is definitely interesting.. That’s why I think I ended up purchasing it! Collagen is a type of fat that’s supposed to help our skin be moisturized, prevents wrinkles, nurture, brighten and tighten the skin. I mean, I think it is just about what every girl wants. So I didn’t hesitate and went for it!

So as you can see, the packaging is straight up adorable! This item is supposed to be rich in collagen peptides extracted from pork ninds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to look up this particular brand if they do any testing that causes harm to the animals. (Sorry!) 

When I opened this package, I was actually a bit scared that it might smell like… pig. To my surprise, it actually has a nice scent to it. It is scented so it’s definitely something that you should know especially if you’re sensitive to scents. You kind of just got to get over the color and it’s consistency. It’s actually really jelly like and the color… well, just take a look at the picture. It’s not really appealing to look at the first time around, but you get used to it. I use this pack 1-2 times a week and I started seeing the difference around the third week.


Okay, past the smell and the color, the product was actually nice. The jelly consistency is easy to apply to the skin. Though for me, it didn’t really live up to its claim that it is easily absorbed. It took me about five minutes to actually get the product to dry. I was sitting down for what felt like forever applying it to my skin and it seemed never ending.

Something that I did like about this product was after a couple of uses, I noticed that my skin was actually getting its bounce back, my skin looks brighter and smoother.

PRICE: I actually got this product during my visit to the Philippines. I believe it was around P400 equivalent to $8. (approximately..) In my opinion, I got it a bit cheaper than how much it sells here. I’ve seen it go online for about $14?


For what it’s worth, this product does what it’s supposed to do. It definitely brings bounce back to your skin after a couple times of use. For someone who looks out for animals, I don’t quite know if this particular brand harms the animals or in this case, the pigs. The product definitely has a scent to it, kind of hard to get over especially since it takes a while to dry. I still incorporate this into my night routine, but since I’m a bit sensitive to the scent, sad to say.. I won’t be purchasing this again. 😦


‘Till next time!


Rein R.


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